Moles are small mammals with voracious appetites. Normally confined to the soft soil under your lawn, these tiny pests occasionally find their way into your garage. While most invading moles will leave as quickly as they came in, a few persistent critters may stick around in hopes of finding shelter or an easy meal. Removing moles from your garage may take a little persistence, but it isn't rocket science.

Moles don't often invade homes, but they will hide out in dark gardens.

Step 1

Look and listen for signs of moles. Moles rarely come above ground, but when they do come to the surface, they typically take refuge in dark corners and under low-hanging shelves. Look for small drag marks over the garage floor, and listen for the characteristic scratching of the mole's long claws against solid surfaces.

Step 2

Seal off vents and entryways with wire mesh. Cut a piece of mesh 2 inches bigger in diameter than the hole and staple it to the wall. Press the mesh flush with the wall, and secure it with a staple or two every 3 inches to keep moles from invading your garage in the future.

Step 3

Spray the corners and floor of the garage with insecticide. Moles live off a diet of insects, and removing their food source will starve the moles to death. Sweep up dead insects and dispose of them in a tall garbage can.

Step 4

Set a number of small animal traps in the corners and under shelves, and bait each trap with a worm-shaped piece of mole bait. This specialty bait is made to mimic the mole's natural food source, and has a powerful scent that appeals to the mole's delicate sense of smell. Clean the traps daily, and dispose of the bodies in a thick garbage bag.