Extension poles are useful for many projects, including cleaning windows, dusting and grabbing hard-to-reach items off top shelves. While many extension poles, or telescopic poles, are made out of materials such as fiberglass, aluminum or even wood, make a homemade extension pole out of hollow plastic piping, which is lightweight and allows you to insert certain tools, such as window-cleaners or dusters, onto its end.

Attach a squeegee to an extension pole for hard-to-reach windows.

Step 1

Drill holes that run all the way through one side of the 1-inch pipe and out the other side every six inches beginning at the bottom and finishing at the top. For a 5-foot pipe, this equals 10 holes.

Step 2

Drill matching holes in the 3/4-inch pipe; create one hole that goes through both sides of the pipe every six inches.

Step 3

Place the 3/4-inch pipe inside the 1-inch pipe. Secure the 1-inch rubber cane tip to the bottom of the 1-inch pipe so that the smaller pipe doesn't fall out. The extra one foot of 3/4-inch pipe will stick out the top, providing a place to secure tools or other objects such as window cleaners or dusters.

Step 4

Extend the pole to the desired length using the six-inch interval holes that you drilled. Push the bolt through the corresponding holes of both pipes to keep the smaller pipe from slipping down, and twist the nut onto its end.