How to Re-Fluff a Mattress

The purpose of re-fluffing a mattress is to prevent permanent indentations from forming on the surface. Some mattresses can be flipped so one side can accept just as much stress as the other. Mattresses such as the pillow top type cannot be flipped, and therefore, to extend the life of your mattress, you need to learn how to re-fluff the mattress. Failure to do so will result in permanent depressions in the fabric and loss of shape.

Do not take your mattress off the box spring when you re-fluff it.

Step 1

First read the manufacturer's warranty. If the mattress warranty advises against re-fluffing a mattress, or otherwise tampering with it, doing so might void your warranty. Re-fluff a mattress only if it is not contraindicated on the warranty. If there is no mention about re-fluffing, it is safe to do so.

Step 2

Remove all bedding. Before you re-fluff a mattress, remove the mattress pad, fitted sheet and flat sheets. You cannot effectively re-fluff a mattress with the bedding still on it, and before you put the bedding back on, shake out the sheets and mattress pad outside to freshen them. If you haven't washed your bedding in a while, however, now's the time to do so.

Step 3

Vacuum your mattress. Using your vacuum, gently remove dust and debris from the mattress before you re-fluff it. Vacuum in the tufted areas because this is where most dust and other particles get trapped. A handheld or canister vacuum with attachments works best, because using an upright vacuum to re-fluff a mattress is cumbersome and unsanitary. Be gentle yet firm while vacuuming to ensure that debris and dust mites are gone. Tugging too vigorously can cause damage or tears in the mattress fabric.

Step 4

Tap the mattress gently. Using your broom handle, gently tap the top of the mattress, reaching all areas. You can beat the mattress a little harder to re-fluff it in areas where there are larger depressions or irregularities. Keep beating the mattress with your broom for approximately 15 minutes. If you get tired, stop whenever you want and do not overexert yourself. Re-fluffing a mattress is hard work and puts a strain on your arms, back and even your heart.