How to Kill Germs From Pillows

If someone in your home has been sick, or perhaps your house has been flooded and everything should be sanitized, don't forget to sanitize your pillows. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can clean the germs from pillows. Choose the germ-killing method that best meets your needs and type of pillows. You can also incorporate more than one method to completely disinfect your pillows.

Disinfect your pillows to kill germs.

Step 1

Set the pillows in the sun for about four to six hours on each side. Sunlight kills germs.

Step 2

Steam-clean the pillows with a steam cleaner using hot water. Most carpet cleaning machines have an upholstery attachment that you can use.

Step 3

Place the pillows in the dryer and tumble dry on the highest setting for approximately 20 minutes. Read the care label first to be sure it is safe to tumble dry the pillows. The heat from the dryer can kill germs.

Step 4

Spray the pillows with a disinfectant safe for fabrics and upholstery. Spray all the sides and set them out in airy location to dry.

Step 5

Wash machine-washable pillows in the washer using heavy-duty laundry detergent and bleach, if the pillow fabric is bleach-safe. Read the care label, though, for exact washing information. Place two pillows in the washer at a time, one on either side of the agitator for top-loading washers. Set the pillows out to air dry and then dry them in the dryer once they are only slightly moist.