Most gardening enthusiasts enjoy having small animals visit their garden, but snakes are not usually welcome. Unfortunately, there are not plants that repel snakes. However, you can choose plants that do not create an ideal snake habitat, minimizing their desire to visit. There are other steps you can take to keep snakes away from your yard.

A sealed fence can keep snakes from entering your yard.

Habitat Modification

While plants will not repel snakes, you can make landscaping decisions that will lower the chances of snakes choosing your yard as their home. Remove bushy plants that could easily hide a snake. Be sure the yard does not have additional hiding places such as rocks, logs and water features. Snakes also like to borrow burrows dug by rodents, so be sure fill them in with soil and pack the soil.


A snake-proof fence is expensive but can keep snakes out of your yard or garden. In order for it to be effective, the fence should be kept free of debris and gates should be tight-fitting. You should also check the fence often for damage.

Natural Repellants

Sulphur, wormwood, ammonia, and horsehair rope are a few natural remedies that have been suggested. According to the University of California Department of Integrated Pest Management Program, very few of them prove to be reliable.


If you are prone to having snakes in your yard, you should take precautions before working in your yard. Be sure to wear long sleeves, long pants and close toe shoes. Also, be alert when kneeling down to work, moving brush or pulling weeds. Be cautious handling a snake, even one that appears to be dead.