How to Get a Stain Out of a Trench Coat

Applying the correct stain-lifting method to a blemish on your trench coat can make the difference between ruining and salvaging the article of clothing. Trench coats are knee-length, consisting of a button-down coat and waist tie, with some styles made for use as a rain coat. Trench coats are typically made from cotton and polyester, leather, twill or wool, with the type of material dictating the most beneficial stain removal treatment. Lift stains from your trench coat by identifying the type of material and treating it accordingly.

Trench coats can be made from water-resistant material.

Step 1

Look at the care label on the trench coat to determine the type of material it's made out of. Trench coats are typically made from cotton and polyester, leather, twill or wool.

Step 2

Take the trench coat to a professional dry cleaner for stain removal if the care label says "dry clean only" or "not machine washable."

Step 3

Spray a stain removal product onto the stained area of a machine-washable trench coat to pre-treat the material. Scrub the stain with a toothbrush to loosen the stain from the clothing fibers. Allow the trench coat to absorb the stain treatment for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Soak the trench coat stain in 1/2 cup of laundry detergent per 1 gallon of cold water for 30 minutes. Scrub the stain with the toothbrush.

Step 5

Set the wash machine to a cold water cycle if the stain remains. Warm water can cause the stain to affix to the fabric. Wash the trench coat according to care instructions. Allow the trench coat to air-dry.

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