Lemon Repellent for Spiders

Spiders can be a nuisance if they find their way into your home. While they may catch flies, mosquitoes and gnats, they are unsightly for most people and generally scare children. While you won't be able to keep them all away, using various types of homemade spider repellants with lemon can deter most spiders -- they hate the smell and taste of this sharp citrus fruit.

This little citrus fruit can be a powerful spider repellent.

Lemon Furniture Polish

Buy a lemon-scented furniture polish. Clean your wood furniture with it as usual, but also spray the polish all around windowsills and door frames. Spiders already living in the house will want to abandon their posts quickly. Spiders thinking about coming inside won't cross the lemon-scented threshold.

Lemon Dish Soap Mix

Make up your own lemon repellent spray. Add a few drops of mild dish soap to two cups of warm water. Then add five to 15 drops of essential lemon oil, depending upon how lemony you want the spray to be. Mix the liquids well and pour them into a spray bottle. Spray in the corners of the house, windowsills and door frames or other places spiders are hanging out.

Essential Lemon Oil

Add essential lemon oil to your other cleaning supplies. Your usual cleaning routine will then repel spiders in the process. Try adding some to your mop water or window cleaner. Your house will smell fresh and your spider population will diminish.

Lemon Rind

If you know that spiders are hanging around your yard looking for a way in, try peeling a few lemons and placing the rinds in the garden, flower boxes, windows and doors to help fend them off. Place them outside. The sweet rind smell may deter spiders but might also attract other bugs.