How to Keep Black Furniture Looking Dust-Free

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Things You'll Need

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Door mats

  • Vacuum cleaner

Reduce the overall dust in your home to keep your black furniture clean.

Dust is composed of many things, including dander, hair, fur, pollen and fabrics, to name a few. If you have black furniture, you know it's unforgiving when it comes to dust; it shows it all, even just the slightest layer. Fortunately, with a thorough housecleaning and a few effective cleaning habits, you can keep your black furniture looking dust-free.

Step 1

Launder all washable fabrics, including curtains and bedding. Beat throw pillows and blankets and other items that are not easily washable. Wash down the walls, ceilings, blinds and baseboards. Consider running an air purification system in the room.

Step 2

Place doormats outside entries to your home to prevent dirt and pollen from coming into your home and contributing to the dust. Use one just outside each door and one just inside.

Step 3

Dust the black furniture once or twice a week. Use a microfiber cloth to trap the dust rather than push it around. Microfiber is safe to use on all types of furniture. Shake it outdoors after dusting before putting it away for the next time.

Step 4

Use a vacuum cleaner with an allergen bag or HEPA filter system to reduce the dust that blows out of the vacuum, making the dust worse on your black furniture. Vacuum at least once a week to reduce the ongoing dust in your home. Vacuum after dusting.


Melissa Lewis

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