Borax & Salt Recipe to Kill Fleas

Fleas are known for plaguing dogs and cats, causing serious itching and skin irritation. If the fleas are left unchecked in a home, they will multiply and begin biting humans. Many pesticides are effective against the flea but not always safe to use around pets and people. Stick to an all-natural flea-killing recipe such as one made from Borax and salt.

Fleas commonly infest dogs.

Step 1

Vacuum every room infested with fleas. Place the vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed garbage bag and set in an outdoor trash can.

Step 2

Combine 1/2 lb. of refined salt and 1/2 lb. of Borax in a bucket. For larger areas, simply use equal parts of salt and Borax.

Step 3

Sprinkle a light coating of the Borax/salt mixture over the floor. The fleas will crawl over the mixture, which will pierce their exoskeletons and cause death from dehydration.

Step 4

Wait 12 hours and vacuum up the dead fleas along with the Borax/salt mixture. Immediately remove the vacuum cleaner bag and put it in a sealed garbage bag. Set the bag in an outdoor trash can.

Step 5

Repeat application two weeks later to kill any new fleas hatching from eggs that were not harmed by the Borax/salt mixture.