Is Birch Wood Good for Furniture?

Birch is an optimal wood choice for making furniture. A hard, durable wood, birch has an even texture that makes it receptive to both paints and stains, which means it's a versatile choice for furniture projects. Birch is used for many types of furniture, and it's also used as a veneer to form a top layer on some wood furnishings.

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Birch wood desktop.

Birch Basics

Birch is extremely versatile for woodworking. It's quite hard, which means a quality piece of furniture made from birch is built to last. It can be turned on a lathe, so it is used for custom spindles and ornamental furniture trim. Birch's light color, even pores and uniform texture make it extremely receptive to stains, so an unfinished piece of birch furniture can be stained to mimic the look of many other types of wood. Birch is used to make chairs and cabinets, among many other types of furniture, and is also used to make plywood and veneer.