Locating a skunk den is the first step in removing the pests from your yard. With some ingenuity and knowledge of skunk behavior, you can locate a skunk den and keep your yard skunk-free without harming the animal.

Skunks can be major pests to humans. They are known to destroy gardens and crops and are one of the primary carriers of sylvatic rabies.

Step 1

At night, place peanut butter or another strong-smelling food in the area where you first spotted the skunk. Lay a pile of flour around the food. The skunk will track the flour from the food source back to its den, leaving a trail for you to follow.

Step 2

Follow the tracks to the skunk's den. Wear protective clothing and goggles before approaching, as a skunk can spray from 10 feet away. To test if skunks are still present in the den, fill it with newspaper and check back in 24 hours to see if the paper has been moved by the current residents.

Step 3

After confirming the presence of skunks in the dens, call animal control to capture and relocate the skunks. Never try to capture or handle wild animals without proper training. After the skunks are removed, fill the den with ammonia-soaked rags and seal off the den using rocks and dirt. This will ensure that other skunks will not inhabit the den.