Types of Electrical Installation

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Houses receive elelctricity from power lines that transfer electricity from power plants.

Practically everything around you requires some type of electrical installation. People rely on electricity for everything from traveling and lightbulbs. An electrician consults an electrical drawing or schematic to assure he installs the electrical wiring correctly. Additionally, electricians perform a multitude of electrical installations in diverse industries, including automotive, marine and residential.


Car Installations

Automobiles have various electrical features throughout the vehicle that require installation. Some items in a vehicle that need a person familiar with electrical wiring include satellite navigational systems, sound systems and alarms. Additionally, numerous types of wires sit beneath the dashboards and are important for the car to run.

Residential Installations

Houses require electrical installations. For instance, brand new homes need an electrician to wire the entire house and connect the electrical wires to the power lines to receive electricity. Other items that need electrical installations include circuit breakers, wall outlets and major appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, lights and dryers.


Boat Installations

A variety of boats needs electrical wires to run properly. However, some larger boats also have living quarters, full-equipped kitchens and lighting throughout the vessel that require electricity. These vessels need installation of light switches, outlets and numerous wires that interconnect for objects and appliances to work. Usually a licensed electrician and numerous engineers work together to configure the right location for electrical devices and indicate each unit on electrical diagrams.

Power Line Installations

Power lines need a professional electrician to assure a particular area receives electricity from generating plants. These high-voltage power lines connect to the national grid and supply millions of people with electricity. However, some power lines are low voltage and assure streetlights and traffic lights receive electricity to work properly.


Commercial Installations

Commercial installations are similar to residential installations. However, commercial installations usually concentrate on larger projects such as businesses, corporations, factories and production plants. This type of installation requires that electricity spans throughout the building. During a new installation, an electrician makes sure that enough electricity gets to the particular building without overloading the circuit breaker.



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