Vegetables are typically blanched before freezing. The process stops any enzyme actions in the vegetables during storage and prevents them from browning or becoming limp after they are defrosted. You can freeze beans without blanching them first, but they are suitable for use only in cooked dishes. The defrosted beans have a softer texture and darker color than those that are first blanched in boiling water. Skipping the blanching allows you to store the beans quickly and with little effort.

Unblanched beans may lose their bright color.

Step 1

Trim the ends off the beans. Cut them into smaller pieces or leave them whole, as desired.

Step 2

Place the beans in a colander. Rinse under cool water. Dry them thoroughly with a paper towel. Any moisture left on the beans can result in freezer burn during storage.

Step 3

Spread the beans out in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Place the cooking sheet in the freezer for two to four hours, or until the beans are frozen solid.

Step 4

Pack the frozen beans into a freezer storage bag. Press the air from the bag and seal it closed.

Step 5

Store the beans in the freezer for six to 12 months. Unblanched beans may begin to lose quality more quickly than blanched varieties.