What Is the Standard Height for a Bathroom Light Fixture?

Bathroom lighting hung at the right height is not only functional, it also adds character and beauty to your space. A lighting plan for your bathroom should include both overhead and task lighting. Follow a few simple tips to make sure your new lights are hung at the correct height for maximum function and appeal.

The style of lighting you select will impact the feel of your room.

Flush or Semi-Flush Mounted Ceiling Fixture

If your bathroom has a low ceiling, consider a flush- or semi-flush-mounted ceiling fixture. In this case, your light should be hung according to manufacturer's instructions, which will include information about how low to hang it. Ensure your new light fixture is at least 7 feet from the floor. If you're installing a flush or semi-flush-mounted fixture and space allows, you can also opt for hanging lights or wall sconces to add beauty and character to your room.


If you're hanging a chandelier in your bathroom and it will be hung over an area that gets foot traffic, hang it so the bottom is higher than 7 feet from the ground. If you're hanging a chandelier over a bathtub, you may lower it if you find that visually appealing. However, lighting codes in many areas prohibit chandeliers hung less than 8 feet from a bathtub, and other light codes prohibit chandeliers being hung near a bathtub at all. Check your local lighting codes and always abide by them for safety.

Vanity Lights Over a Sink

There's no standard height for vanity lights hung directly over a sink and mirror. However, the lights will look most attractive when hung low, so the bottom of the light fixture is just a couple of inches above the top of the mirror. Make sure you don't hang the light so low that you're not able to open a medicine cabinet door, if your mirror doubles as a medicine cabinet.

Vanity Lights Surrounding a Mirror

If you can install vanity lights on either side of your mirror, this is better than a single light hung above the mirror, as you'll reduce shadows and make bathroom activities like makeup application easier. In this case, install your fixtures at your eye level, or about 6 feet from the floor to the light fixture.