Foamed cement is also called foam concrete, porous concrete and lightweight concrete. This type of cement is different than regular cement in that it contains an even distribution of air bubbles throughout the material. Foamed concrete with a low density and high foam content is not a structural material but can be used as a roof and floor insulator. Foamed cement with a higher density can be used as a structural material in industrial and commercial applications where a lightweight concrete is needed.

To make foamed cement, do your calculations, mix the slurry, and add the foam into the cement truck.

Step 1

Decide how much foamed cement you will need. According to Portafoam, if you are making foamed cement that is of a 1000-kilogram per cube meter density, you will need a foam content equal to 50 percent of the total volume of foamed cement that you wish to make. One liter of foam is equal to .001 cubic meters of foam content in the mix. For example, if you wished to have .5 cubic meters of foamed concrete, you would need .25 cubic meters of foam content in the mix, totaling 250 liters of foam.

Step 2

Determine how fast your foam pump will spray foam into the concrete mix. This indicator should be on the pump generator, and you can also ask your foam supplier. Divide the total number of liters of foam required by the liters per second that the pump will output. If you need to pump 250 liters of foam and your foam pump outputs 1.5 liters per second, then you will need to pump foam into the cement mix for 166.2 seconds, or 2.77 minutes.

Step 3

Mix the cement with the sand and water in the amounts recommended for your type of cement. These proportions will probably be equal parts sand and cement mix, with half as much water. If you were making .5 cubic meters of foamed cement, you would need 200 kg of cement, 200 kg of sand and 100 kg of water. First add the dry ingredients to your mixer and then slowly add the water. If you are using a cement truck, add the slurry to the truck and transfer it to your site before adding the foam.

Step 4

Spray the foam into the slurry mix while still mixing. If the amount of foamed cement you are making calls for you to spray foam into the mix for a number of seconds that ends in a decimal, round down to the nearest second. Measure out the remaining foam by spraying it into a one-liter size bucket. To follow the example listed earlier, you would spray the foam into the cement truck or mixer for 166 seconds; following this, you would spray enough foam to fill one, one-liter bucket and dump this in the mixer.