Installing lights above the sink in your bathroom is a practical way to add light, character and beauty to your space. Many people assume there's a standard height to hang vanity lights, but the correct height for your bathroom depends on a few factors, and finding the right height is fairly easy.

Bathroom vanity lights hung at the right height reduce shadows and add style to your space.

Lights Hung Above the Mirror

When installing a bathroom light directly above the sink and mirror in your bathroom, hang the light just above the mirror, allowing an inch or two of space between the top of the mirror and the bottom of the light. If your vanity mirror is also a medicine cabinet, install the light high enough to allow the medicine cabinet door to open and close comfortably.

Lights Hung Around the Mirror

If your space allows for it, a better alternative is to install lights on either side of the mirror, which reduces shadows on your face and casts an even, attractive glow, making bathroom activities like putting on makeup easier. If you're hanging lights on either side of your mirror, the best place to hang them is at your eye level as long as the light fixture you've chosen shields the bulb from your eyes.

Standard Heights

If you don't know the height of your bathroom vanity mirror and are roughing in the wiring for a light, aim for about 80 to 85 inches above the finished floor for lighting that will be installed over the mirror. For lighting that will be installed around the mirror, install it at about 66 inches above the floor.

Other Considerations

If you can wait until you've selected your sink and mirror to install the lights, you might save some time and headache. Once the lights are roughed in, moving where you've installed them can be difficult. Follow your local lighting codes, and work with an experienced electrician.