If you've noticed your lawn is filled with dry, brown patches, it could be due to crane flies. They look like mosquitoes, but cause different types of issues. Once adults, the crane fly is harmless. It's the larvae that are the trouble makers. Because of this, you need to identify the problem quickly to break the life cycle. Spray in mid-April to eliminate the larvae. Once the summer comes, they will be old enough and thus won't cause harm to your lawn.

Organic pesticide is the best way to get rid of these pests.

Step 1

Select an organic pesticide. Birds feed on crane flies, and there has been a history of birds getting ill or dying due to regular pesticides. An organic choice is healthier for your lawn, the birds and pets or children if you have them. EcoSmart Organic Lawn Insect Killer is a good brand to use.

Step 2

Connect the pesticide container to a hose.

Step 3

Begin spraying your entire lawn, using the correct amount to cover your lawn according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 4

Re-spray again in mid-October. This is when the eggs typically hatch.