How to Kill Chiggers in the Home

Chiggers are a larvae form of the Trombiculidae family of mites. Chiggers are microscopic and generally appear to be red. They are plentiful during the warm spring and summer months and tend to congregate in high grasses. Chiggers latch onto humans and animals and bite, especially around hair follicles and folds of skin. Chiggers will usually stay on a human or animal for several days and leave red, itchy bumps on the skin of its host.

Chiggers use their mouths to suck up liquified tissue on humans.

Step 1

Wash any clothes or bedding that you think may have chiggers. Wash the clothing or bedding in a washing machine at the highest temperature, as soon as you can. Dry the items in warm dryer and store them in a dresser or closet that you're sure is chigger-free.

Step 2

Take a bath regularly in warm soapy water, especially times when you think you may have come into contact with chiggers. Warm or hot, soapy water kills chiggers instantly and will stop them in their tracks. Rub the soapy water all of your body, until you're positive that you've covered your entire body. Give children and pets similar baths, if you suspect they may have come into contact with chiggers.

Step 3

Scratch or rub your body when you feel an itch. If you have itchy skin and red bumps begin to appear on your body during the spring and summer months, chances are it's because you have chiggers. Simply scratching your skin can kill the chiggers, injure them or knock them off you.

Step 4

Vacuum any areas of your home where chiggers are likely to be found, such as on sofas, chairs and curtains. Use smaller vacuum attachments to get in between cushions and underneath large pieces of furniture and then empty your vacuum into a garbage bag and dispose of it away from your home. Use a carpet shampooer with warm soapy water to wash any large rugs and carpeted areas of your home.