How Do I Tell What Year My Stihl 028 WB Is?

In addition to making a wide range of power drills and machine shop saws, Stihl also manufactures chain saws. The 028 Wood Boss is a chainsaw that Stihl has manufactured for a number of years. When trying to find replacement parts or other maintenance-related information, it might be necessary to know the exact year your Wood Boss was made. This information can be obtained through Stihl with just a little information from your end.

The model number and serial numbers are needed to identify what year uyour Stihl saw was made.

Step 1

Set the Stihl chain saw on a work bench.

Step 2

Turn the saw around so that the blade is pointing towards you.

Step 3

Find the saw decal located at the bottom right where the saw's bar meets the base of the saw. Beneath the UPC code is the serial number.

Step 4

Call Stihl customer support at 800-610-6677. Give the customer representative agent the serial number and they, in turn, will be able to look up the year the saw was made.