Can You Use Simple Green on Granite Counters?

Caring for granite counters is simple when you know how to maintain them correctly. Some products will damage granite counters; others will clean the surface without damaging it but will leave it looking dull or scummy. A gentle, pH-balanced cleaning product like Simple Green is one of the best options.

Granite counters are relatively easy to maintain.

Simple Green

Simple Green's original cleaner works wonderfully on granite counters, but Simple Green also has a product specifically for cleaning stone. Many cleaning products work by having an abrasive ingredient that scrubs away dirt and oils, or they are acidic. Even natural cleaning products with these ingredients can damage granite surfaces. The ingredients in Simple Green are gentle on stone surfaces because they are not abrasive or acidic while still combining for effective cleaning.

Water-based Cleaner

Simple Green does not contain abrasive or acidic cleaning agents but is still effective for cleaning granite. It is a water-based alkaline aqueous cleaning solution with a pH between 9.3 and 9.5. Alkaline aqueous cleaners are effective at cutting oils and removing grease. Additional ingredients improve the cleaning ability of Simple Green, including surfactants, emulsifiers and sequestering agents, which help to pick up and remove oils, stains and other particles.

Granite Counter Care

For light cleanup throughout the day, a sponge or cloth with hot water is sufficient. Once a day, spray either the original Simple Green cleaner or Simple Green Stone Cleaner on the high-use areas, and wipe down with a cloth. For spills, use a plastic spoon to pick up the spill, wipe with a damp cloth and clean as usual. Weekly, perform a more thorough cleaning of the entire surface, and monthly, give counters an extra shine with Simple Green Stone Polish. Do not use soap and water for cleaning granite because it will leave a scum on the surface and over time will make the counter look dull.

Using Simple Green

The original Simple Green cleaner comes concentrated and requires dilution for most cleaning applications. For granite counters, make a dilution of 1:30 for everyday use. For stubborn spots, a dilution of 1:10 is appropriate. Simple Green recommends transferring the full concentrated solution to a different bottle, clearly marked "Simple Green," and using the convenient spray bottle that the product comes in for the diluted solution. Simple Green is nontoxic and biodegradable, so disposal down the drain is permissible. It is also safe for septic systems.

Cora Wilder

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