Why Spray Paint a Tree Stump?

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Tree stumps are marked with spray paint for various reasons.

Homeowners and tree removal service companies often spray paint tree stumps for a number of reasons. Any color spray paint is generally used, although dull colors that do not stand out are generally avoided. If you are a homeowner, you may discover that throughout the time you live in your home, you may also need to use spray paint for a tree stump. Tree removal service companies and other construction companies keep cans of spray paint in their trucks at all times because they routinely use it for tree stumps.


Mowing Purposes

If you are a homeowner living on a piece of property with trees, there might be times where you must paint a tree stump. The purpose for painting a tree stump is to make it visible or to distinguish it for a particular purpose. For a homeowner, you might have one or more tree stumps in your yard that you must avoid when mowing your grass. A tree stump is easily hidden by grass and therefore can be difficult to see. When it is spray painted, the person mowing will see the stump and avoid hitting it with the mower.

Dead Trees

When a tree dies, it may fall over or is cut down by a contractor or a homeowner. What remains of the tree is a tree stump. Tree stumps are often difficult to remove and may be hard to notice if the grass is long. A homeowner or contractor sprays the stumps with paint to mark where they are located. The homeowner may hire a contractor to remove the marked stumps.



Tree stumps are also often marked during excavation of land. For example, if a builder buys a tree-covered lot, workers may come through and chop some of the trees down with an ax or a saw. The stumps, however, remain. The contractor marks the stumps to alert the excavator where the stumps are. The worker continues excavating the land, but knows that when spray paint is seen, a little more work is required.

Other Purposes

One other reason a tree stump might be spray painted is simply to mark a spot. If a homeowner has an idea to build something or place an object where the stump is, he may paint the stump to mark where the object needs to be placed. A tree stump is sometimes marked too, simply to alert people not to trip over it.



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