A succulent is a plant which can store water within its leaves or bulbs for a long period of time without the need of frequent watering like other plants. You can mail a succulent plant to someone and not have to be worried about the plant not receiving any water for a few days. Packaging the plant properly will ensure its safe journey. Check with your local Department of Agriculture of extension office about rules on sending certain types of plants to other states or countries.

Succulent plants will make great gifts for they require little care.

Step 1

Obtain the succulent you wish to send at a garden center or dig it up from your own yard. Shake off any excess soil. Don't water it. Succulent plants will travel better with dry roots.

Step 2

Wrap the succulent in tissue paper. For succulents with spikes, wrap carefully in three sheets of newspaper. Make a label for each plant and tape on the paper. Make a warning note for any succulents that have spikes.

Step 3

Place the roots of succulents such as epiphytes, orchid cacti or Christmas cactus in a plastic bag containing a small amount of peat moss and secure it with twine. Wrap the foliage in tissue paper or newspaper.

Step 4

Place the wrapped succulent into an inner box and then into a sturdy shipping box. The inner box will provide more protection especially for the succulents with pointy leaves.

Step 5

Fill in any empty spaces with newspaper to prevent the movement of the items during shipping.

Step 6

Secure the outer box with three strips of pressure sensitive tape that is 2 inches wide. Apply on the top, the bottom and all seam of the box, according to Federal Express. Write "Perishable" on the box and address it appropriately. Mail the succulents overnight to ensure a quick delivery.