How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Acceler-Ice Ice Maker

Kenmore "Acceler-Ice" fridge-freezers let you boost the appliance's cooling power during periods of heavy use, like parties, picnics or barbecues, or before you need a large batch of ice. Like any kitchen appliance, Kenmore ice-makers may occasionally experience technical difficulties. Troubleshooting the ice-maker inside your Acceler-Ice appliance helps you fix minor problems without paying for professional repairs. Repairing minor problems does not require any special knowledge of refrigerators or freezers.

Troubleshoot problems with your Kenmore refrigerator's ice-maker.

Step 1

Open the freezer compartment and check the metal shut-off arm above the ice bucket is hanging down. The ice-maker turns off when the wire arm reaches a certain height. Piled up cubes or frozen chunks of ice could be keeping the ice maker off. Break up any large chunks of ice in the ice bucket.

Step 2

Wait at least 24 hours after turning on the appliance or emptying the bucket for the first ice cubes to arrive. Ice takes longer to freeze when the temperature is set too high. Press your refrigerator's "Acceler-Ice" button for a temporary cooling boost or adjust the freezers temperature settings to around -4 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

Step 3

Try the refrigerator's drinking water fountain. Move the appliance away from the wall and check the water supply line if the fountain doesn't dispense water. Make sure there are no kinks and verify the refrigerator isn't standing on the supply pipe. Make sure the tap or shut-off valve where the supply hose meets the wall is in the "On" position.

Step 4

Check the freezer door closes properly. Food, plastic containers and bottles stored near the front of the freezer jam the door open and let cool air escape in some situations, raising the temperature. Re-arrange the food and reduce the number of times you open the door during hot weather.

Step 5

Remove the ice bucket and tip its contents down the sink. Wash it in warm water, melting away any large chunks of ice stuck to the walls of the container. Use a thin, plastic or metal object like a chopstick to clear any stuck cubes from the mechanism inside the freezer. Dry the bucket, return it to the freezer and wait to see if ice production improves.