Fiberglass spas are composed of three major components. The tank is one piece, molded from fiberglass resins. Then comes the electrical and plumbing system which supplies the tank with pulsating hot water. And finally, the tank and mechanical systems are mounted in a decorative wood frame. These components must be separated and then disassembled when it's time to demolish a fiberglass hot tub or spa.

Demolishing a fiberglass hot tub takes planning and careful execution.

Disconnecting Power and Water

Step 1

Flip off any switches in the home's breaker box that supply electric power to the spa, then verify that all power has been disconnected.

Step 2

Remove the access panel from the side of the spa's base that covers the unit's plumbing and electric supply. Identify the spa's electrical supply circuit and the plumbing recirculation pumps.

Step 3

Disconnect the spa's wiring from the electrical feed that comes from the house. The wiring will be in a small gray box.

Step 4

Set a portable sump pump into the spa's tub to drain the water completely out of the tank. Before disassembling the spa's wooden support base, the tank should be emptied or mostly empty.

Removing the Wood Frame

Step 5

Use the hammer and pry bar to remove the wood skirting from around the spa's wood support base. The skirting is decorative work, so it should remove easily.

Step 6

Use the hammer and pry bar to remove any structural wood and wood frame from around the spa tank. The wood framework will be well assembled, and it may need to be cut apart using a reciprocating saw. Pull or cut the mechanical and electrical components away from the frame.

Step 7

Dispose of the wood framework, skirting and mechanical components in a large, sturdy waste bin.

Demolishing the Fiberglass Tank

Step 8

Plug in a reciprocating saw and cut the fiberglass tank into small, manageable pieces. The fiberglass tank is manufactured in a single piece of poured fiberglass resin and fiberglass mesh, and the only way to disassemble the tank is to cut it into smaller pieces.

Step 9

Cut the plastic plumbing pipes away from the fiberglass tank using the reciprocating saw. An all-purpose blade on the reciprocating saw will cut through virtually any building material, including nails and small pieces of reinforcing steel.

Step 10

Dispose of the cut-up pieces of the fiberglass tank, plastic plumbing and wood construction materials in the waste bin.