There are many types of closets in your home and each has specific uses. Yet, the hallway closet is used for several different reasons. If you are designing a new home, or adding closet space to an existing home, having a good idea of basic closet sizes helps.

Hallway closets are useful and come in all sizes.

Typical Hallway Closet

The typical hallway closet is used to store linens, towels and other useful items such as sunscreen or first-aid supplies. It is usually located near the bathroom. This closet is usually around 3 feet wide, has a 30-inch doorway and is as tall as the surrounding room's ceilings. It may be as deep as 3 feet as well, depending on the space available. Usually the closet is built into the walls in the hallway and it takes up no walking space inside the hallway.

First-Floor Hallway Closets

If your hallway closet is located on the first floor, it may be used to store household goods, which are smaller than items such as towels and blankets. The hallway closet in this case is still going to be 3 feet wide but it is not as deep as the typical hallway closet on the second floor near the bedrooms. A first-floor hallway closet may only be 2 feet deep or as shallow as 1 foot. This is plenty of space to store household cleaners, dish towels and other useful items.

Coat Closets

A coat closet is another closet usually installed in a hallway. These closets have standard measurements common throughout most homes. The typical coat closet is usually 3 to 4 feet wide and it has a hanging rod which stands at least 65 inches from the floor. This allows room for hanging coats and jackets, which are longer than normal garments. A good rule of thumb for setting the width of your hallway coat closet is that each coat takes up about 4 inches of space on the closet rod.

Pantry and Storage Closets

Pantry and storage closets are typically located in hallways. Each has slightly different uses and therefore different measurements. A pantry closet is usually 32 to 36 inches wide and it is about 1 foot deep. This depth is ideal for storing canned goods, small appliances and cookware. Storage closets are usually larger than 36 inches wide and sometimes 3 to 4 feet deep. This allows plenty of shelf space for larger items while keeping the shelves accessible. Storage closets usually have a 36-inch-wide doorway, pantry closets have a 28-inch- to 32-inch-wide doorway, depending on their overall size.