Herbs That Kill Bacteria

Bacteria can build up in the body due to a poor immune system, or coming in contact with someone else who is sick with a transmittable disease. If you don't want to take over-the-counter or prescription medications to rid the body of bacteria, there are several herbal supplements to choose from. Many of these treatments have been used for centuries, and are typically safe to use with conventional medicine.

Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties, and can even lower blood sugar.


Goldenseal is a natural antibiotic that is also helpful in treating the symptoms associated with hay fever and allergies, like a runny nose and itchy eyes, according to the Mayo Clinic. The herb was originally used by the Cherokee Indians as a topical wash to remove germs; historically, it has been used to treat inflamed eyes as well. Goldenseal also helps to settle an upset stomach, and is an herbal remedy to kill the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections.


Garlic is so potent and beneficial to the body's health that Egyptians used the food as currency, according to the Natural Holistic Health website. As an herbal supplement, allicin, the main beneficial ingredient in garlic, works much like conventional antibiotics such as penicillin to thwart bacterial growth and treat strep throat or the flu. Garlic tackles excess amounts of Candida in the gut, as well as fungi like Cryptococcus and Trichophytoni. The herbal supplement can also kill parasites like Trypanosomes or Leishmania; other foods with allicin, like onions and leeks, share similar properties.


According to the Mayo Clinic, cinnamon can help to regulate blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon is also antimicrobial, due to components like eugenol and cinamaldehyde. The herb can relieve cold and flu sufferers by boosting the immune system and helping the body rid itself of bacteria. Cinnamon can also relieve nausea and vomiting, and is gentle enough to treat infant diarrhea.

Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca altermifolia tree leaf distillation produces tea tree oil, an herbal remedy that Australian aborigines have used for centuries. Tea tree oil eliminates the bacteria that causes vaginal infections, and is often added to feminine suppositories and creams. The oil reduces Candida bacteria in the body, and is a suitable treatment for hemorrhoids, according to the Natural Holistic Health website. Applying diluted tea tree oil to the skin will soothe and heal ringworms or athlete's foot as well.


Ginger is a spicy herb that can kill bacteria that causes diarrhea; alcohol-based ginger extracts can treat the viruses in the gut that cause stomach upset like Salmonella, H. pylori, and E. coli. Ginger is also an effective herbal treatment for nausea, and works to reduce harmful amounts of Candida albicans in the body. Medical studies have proven that ginger is best consumed raw or in capsule form, as heat deactivates its potency.

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