How to Put an Eddie Bauer Complete Care Play Yard Together

Play yards provide a safe place for babies to sleep and play, leaving your hands free to tackle household tasks or take a break. The Eddie Bauer Complete Care Play Yard includes a bassinet, changing pad and play area, and requires only a screwdriver for assembly.

Happy baby standing up in his crib
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Play yards keep kids safely contained.

Assemble the Play Yard

Step 1

Unwrap the mattress from the play yard and set it aside.

Step 2

Turn the play yard so that the feet are facing the ground. The center of the yard should remain popped up. Grasp the short top rails and pull them up until they click into place. Repeat to click the longer rails into place.

Step 3

Pick up one side of the play yard and press the center portion down until it clicks and locks into place.

Step 4

Place the mattress in the play yard with the soft side facing up. Use the hook and latch loops at each corner to attach the mattress to the base of the play yard. Confirm it's firmly attached before proceeding.

Install the Change Station

Step 5

Inspect the top rail of the play yard. Two adjacent corners have holes to accommodate the changing station. Locate these holes along one of the short sides of the play yard..

Step 6

Slide the right and left tray connectors into the right and left bars on the changing station. Push until they click and lock into place. Look for the holes along two corners of the play yard designed to accommodate these connectors. Insert the tray connector bars into these holes until they click and lock.

Step 7

Squeeze the butterfly clips on the parent tray and slide it into the slots on the changing tray.

Add the Bassinet

Step 8

Remove the mattress from the play yard and fold it to fit within the bassinet. Use the hook and loop straps on the mattress to hold the mattress in the folded position.

Step 9

Look for clips on the edge of the bassinet and use these clips to secure the bassinet inside the play yard. Secure the hook and loop patches between the clips to fasten it in place.

Step 10

Slide the two halves of each bassinet support bar into the bassinet sleeves. Lift and slide them together to connect and give the bassinet structural support.

Step 11

Place the mattress into the bassinet so that the padded side faces up. Use the hook and loop connectors to attach it at each corner, making sure it's firmly attached at each corner.

Mount the Mobile

Step 12

Look for the last remaining hole in the top frame of the crib.

Step 13

Press the head of the mobile into the top of the arm until it clicks into place. Position the hanger assembly so that the slots align with the tabs on the mobile head. Press the hanger onto the head to lock it into place.

Step 14

Slide the bottom of the mobile support pole into the hole in the play yard frame until you hear it click.

Step 15

Unscrew the cover plate on the music and light box included with the play yard and add AA batteries. Replace the cover and replace the screws.