How to Keep From Burning My Lawn Under a Portable Fire Pit

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Things You'll Need

  • Wooden pallet

  • Plywood

  • Garden hose

  • Red bricks

Protect your lawn from the heat of a fire pit with properly placed bricks.

A portable fire pit is a common outdoor accent piece that can enliven a space with a controlled and attractive wood or coal fire. Though typically used on outdoor patios, the fire pits can also be used on a grass lawn if the proper precautions are taken. By setting up a space suitable for the pit on your lawn, you can prevent any damage to the grass and reduce the chances of a fire accident.


Step 1

Place a wooden pallet on a flat and level space on your grass lawn. If you do not have a pallet, you can also use a square piece of plywood.

Step 2

Spray a mist of water onto the pallet or plywood until it is damp to the touch. This will protect the wood from flames.

Step 3

Cover the surface of the pallet or plywood with red bricks. Line up the bricks in even rows and columns so none of the wood below is showing. If done properly, you will have a tight brick surface ready for the fire pit.


Step 4

Position the fire pit on top of the brick surface. Ensure that the firepit is stable and secure before lighting the fire. Your lawn will be protected from the heat of the flames as the bricks absorb the heat instead.