Places to Sleep for Homeless People

Homeless people do not have the luxury of going home to sleep in a nice, comfortable bed when dusk falls. Instead, a homeless person must think wisely when choosing a place to sleep for the night. It is illegal for people to sleep outside in many cities, meaning that he must find a place where he will not get caught, that is also comfortable and quiet enough for him to be able to fall asleep.

Homeless people must think creatively when finding places to sleep.


Most large and mid-sized cities have homeless shelters where people can stay when they are down on their luck. These shelters are typically run by local churches and charitable organizations, and can be found in multiple places throughout the city. Homeless people are given food, a place to sleep and a place to take a shower when they stay at one of these shelters.


If a homeless man is still fortunate enough to have his car, he has a bit of a luxury compared to others in the same situation who do not. Sleeping in a car is not ideal, buy many homeless people do it. When sleeping in her car, a homeless person must be careful with where she parks. It is illegal to sleep in your car in many cities, so she must park in a location that will not draw attention. Often truck stops, hotel parking lots and rest areas are places she will use to park her car for the night. The homeless person changes locations every few days in order to avoid getting caught, according to Homeless Handbook.

Abandoned Buildings

Many cities often have old, abandoned buildings where homeless people often seek shelter. They can often get in through a broken window or an unlocked back door. Although abandoned buildings provide shelter from outside conditions and privacy to sleep in peace, they are not always structurally safe. This illegal practice also involves a high risk of other homeless people coming to seek shelter in the building at any time, which may or may not be a problem for the homeless person already in the building, according to Homeless Handbook.


Although it can be risky, homeless people often sleep in parks at night. Many cities have laws banning people from sleeping with a blanket covering them, so sleeping on a park bench is often an alternative for a homeless man to get off the ground. Many homeless people band together to form groups when sleeping in parks, to help spot approaching law enforcement officers and other people who might give them a hard time. Since parks have abundant trees and bushes, homeless people are often able to disguise themselves long enough to get a few hours of sleep.

Laura Jerpi

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