How to Prevent an Owl From Eating My Cat

Cat owners might want to be more aware of where they let their feline roam with predators like owls and hawks around. According to "Owls of the United States and Canada" by Wayne Lynch, "owls are carnivorous predators with dangerous hooked beaks and lethal talons." Although not traditionally known for their aggression, owls will eat rodents and small cats if given the opportunity. In most instances, its unlikely that an owl would attack a cat or a dog, but its not outside of the realm of possibility.

Owls are nocturnal hunters that have been known to snatch up small rodents and even the random household pet.

Step 1

Stop letting your cat or kitten roam free at night. Owls are nocturnal and hunt at night. Keep your cat inside once it gets dark.

Step 2

Watch for the owl at night or during the day when it's sleeping. Chase it away with a broom or try to scare it. You should be able to hear it and locate it if visibility is low.

Step 3

Call the local Animal Control department. Tell them you have an owl that you need removed and they may be able to help you. Find contact information for your local chapter through the National Animal Control Association website.

Step 4

Chop down the tree that the owl nests in or hunts from. This will surely force it to leave unless your property is full of large trees.

Step 5

Purchase owl deterrent products through the Safe Home Products website. Install and use as per individual instructions accompanying each product.