How to Keep Spiders Off a Porch

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Things You'll Need

  • Broom

  • Garden hose

  • Gardening shears

  • Commercial pre-baited spider traps

Spiders thrive in dry, sheltered areas of porches.

Discovering spiders on porches is unpleasant and frightening to many homeowners. Although spiders have venom, many of these arachnids are not aggressive to people. Spiders feed on insects, arthropods and other spiders and bite human beings only when threatened. Nonetheless, keep spiders off a porch to prevent their access into homes. Storing plants, woodpiles and various objects on porches attracts spiders and provides space for them to build their webs. Keep spiders off a porch using certain control methods.

Step 1

Eliminate all hiding places for spiders. Move potted plants, bricks, firewood and various objects off the porch.

Step 2

Sweep the entire porch with a broom once all objects are removed to eliminate existing spiders, egg sacks and webs from the porch. Spray the porch with water to kill any spiders, egg sacks and webs you missed with the broom.

Step 3

Trim back dense shrubs and vegetation next to the porch using gardening shears. Spiders often access plants to feed on insects.

Step 4

Place commercial pre-baited spider traps around the porch's perimeter to trap spiders. Spider traps are sticky and coated with pheromone fragrances to attract spiders.


Shut off your porch light at night to inhibit insects and spiders. If lighting is necessary, use yellow lights, which discourage insects.


Keep pets and small children away from spider traps.


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