How to Delete a Steam Account

Steam is a program that allows people to access over a thousand computer games. With Steam, you can download numerous games into your computer and play them through your Steam Account. Because Steam games do not have shipping charges, it is cheaper to purchase games through Steam's downloading interface. However if you wish to stop using Steam, you can simply delete your Steam account.

Steam offers over a thousand computer games.

Step 1

Email Steam through the "Support" page of its Web site. Steam lets you to delete accounts that do not have any downloaded games. If you downloaded any games with your Steam account, Steam will not delete your account. Steam's policy states that all Steam accounts with downloaded games are to be stored in their database, even if you ask them to delete your account. On the other hand, Steam does not charge account users for inactive use, so you can basically just let your account remain dormant. In addition you can delete Steam from your personal computer, even if your account still exists in Steam's database.

Step 2

Go to the Windows "Start" option.

Step 3

Go to "Control Panel."

Step 4

Choose "Programs."

Step 5

Select the option "Uninstall a Program," which is located bellow the "Programs and Features" caption.

Step 6

Go to "Steam" from the program list.

Step 7

Click "Uninstall" and your Windows Operating Software will immediately delete Steam from your computer, halting further Steam account usage on your computer.