How to Kill Flowers

If flowers are not your thing, or the flowers growing in your yard are not the variety you like, you may decide to kill them. While you could use harsh chemicals, they are bad for the environment. Using white distilled vinegar makes quick work of flowers and prevents harmful chemicals from getting into the air, water and soil around your home.

Kill flowers with the use of vinegar.

Step 1

Fill a spray bottle 80-percent full with tap water. Fill the other 20 percent with white distilled vinegar.

Step 2

Place in five or six drops of dish soap. The dish soap acts as a binding agent and keeps the vinegar on the flower.

Step 3

Place the lid on the bottle and shake the contents to mix the soap.

Step 4

Spray the flowers during the hottest part of the day. Take caution, as the vinegar will kill grass and weeds around the flowers. Concentrate the spray only on the flowers you want to kill.

Step 5

Repeat the process daily until the flower shows signs of wilting and death.

Lisa Wampler

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