How to Use a Bally Waist Trimmer

For most people, their midsection is an area of the body they wish to improve. Men, for example, carry the majority of their excess weight around their midsection. While diet and exercise are vital to remove those excess fat cells from your torso, there are products that may be used to help you streamline your waist. The purpose of a waist trimmer is to increase and sustain the temperature around your midsection so your body expels a higher percentage of water weight from this area. The Bally Total Fitness Slimmer Belt is a durable waist trimmer, and when used properly may help reduce the bulk in your midsection.

Waist trimmer belts can be used to help work toward a flat and defined stomach.

Step 1

Unroll the Bally Total Fitness Slimmer Belt so it is completely stretched out.

Step 2

Hold both ends of the belt so the black side is facing your back. Make sure your shirt is removed.

Step 3

Bring the belt so the black side is touching your lower back and pull the non-fastening side of the belt around your torso until it covers your belly button.

Step 4

Wrap the other end of the belt around your stomach, and press the fastening side onto the non-fastening side until it is secure.