How to Open a Left/Right Combination Lock on a Victor Safe

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Many old Victor security safes used the serial number in the combination.

Victor security safes are old antique safes that were common around the early 1900s. Victor Safe and Lock Company was known for high end security safes. They are considered to be antiques and a collector's item. If you own the combination there is a sequence to opening a Victor safe combination lock. It is recommended that you refer to a locksmith to open the safe if you do not have the combination.


Step 1

Turn the dial four complete rotations to the right and stop on the first number in the combination.

Step 2

Spin the dial to the left hand side three complete rotations and stop on the second number in the combination sequence.

Step 3

Turn the dial back to the right two complete rotations and stop on the third number in the combination.

Step 4

Spin the dial to the left one complete rotation and stop on the last number of the combination code.

Step 5

Pull the handle on the door of the Victor safe to open.



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