An Easy Way to Kill Bees

It is possible to kill bees around your home without having to purchase chemical pesticides to do the job. Not only do you run the chance of having them sting you, but they can multiply in large numbers if not controlled. You can exterminate bees by mixing mild dishwashing, Murphy oil, or natural soaps with water, then spraying it on bees and their nests. Get rid of the bees that have populated your surroundings in less than 30 minutes.

There are non-pesticidal alternatives for controlling the bee infestation around your garden or yard.

Step 1

Add 1 to 2 cups mild liquid dishwashing, Murphy oil, or natural soap to a gallon garden sprayer. You can find garden sprayers that hold a gallon of liquid at most home improvement and garden supply stores. Do not exceed this amount; too much soap may damage plants when sprayed.

Step 2

Fill the garden sprayer the rest of the way with water. Screw on the sprayer's cap, then shake up the soap and water mixture for equal distribution.

Step 3

Spray the contents of the garden sprayer onto the bees and their nests. The soap will paralyze the insects as soon as it comes into contact with them. Avoid spraying your plants as much as possible, for excessive soapy water can kill them.

Robert Ceville

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