How to Get Rid of Bobcats

A bobcat is two or three times the size of an average house cat and has a 4 to 6 inch "bobbed" tail. They are native to 48 states, ranging from Canada to Mexico. If one appears in your backyard, chances are he smells potential prey, such as chickens or small pets, on your property. You can remove and relocate bobcats without harming them.

Bobcats will prey upon small animals and poultry.

Step 1

Remove potential bobcat cover by keeping the bushes trimmed.

Step 2

Illuminate your yard at night to scare away bobcats.

Step 3

Make noise. Play music or encourage your dog to bark when he hears the feline intruders.

Step 4

Contain young livestock; poultry; small dogs; and cats in a securely fenced area, a barn, or your house.

Step 5

Call a wildlife biologist or game warden, through the state or county, and ask him to remove the bobcat.

Myles Ellison

Based in Providence, R.I., Myles Ellison has been writing professionally since 2007. He has published work in the "MCLA Beacon" and "Tourism Review International." In 2010, Ellison began profiling small-business owners while working on a street revitalization project. He graduated from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts with a B.A. in interdisciplinary studies, concentrating in English, journalism and anthropology.