By Andrew Baer

The weight and density of a concrete mix depends on the intended project or structure use. However, most concrete is aerated for durability and reliability and to give it a porous quality. The ingredients used in mixing concrete can affect the level of aeration.

The arm piece of an electric concrete mixer aerates the mixture.


To make aerated concrete, use a concrete mixer, cement powder, water and fine and coarse aggregates. The selected types of fine aggregate, such as masonry sand, and coarse aggregate, such as gravel, affect both the quality and aeration capabilities during the mixing process.


Depending on the amount and type of concrete needed, the mixing process is generally done in parts rather than by standard measurements. The cement powder and fine aggregate are added first and mixed at the lowest setting for a fine blend. The coarse aggregate is then added, and the blend is mixed again at the lowest setting.


After the powder and aggregates are mixed, water is added slowly until the mix has a thick consistency and the texture of wet clay. To aerate the mix, the mixer is left spinning to pull in air. For a denser cement mix, do not allow the mixer to aerate for more than 15 minutes.