How to Make My Ice Maker Make Ice Faster

Many refrigerators have an icemaker built into the freezer compartment that automatically makes ice. The water from which the ice is made is supplied by a water supply line, connected to a water supply valve often located on the wall behind the refrigerator. The icemaker is intended for regular usage, but is limited to the size of the ice tray in the number of cubes per hour that it can produce. Some refrigerators have a button on the ice and water dispenser that increases the rate at which an icemaker produces ice. If your refrigerator does not have this button, there are a few tricks to increase the icemaker's production of ice.

An automatic icemaker eliminates the need to stock and manually refill ice trays.

Step 1

Look at the ice and water dispenser control panel on your refrigerator for a button labeled "Quick Ice" or "Ice Plus" to determine if it has a setting to decrease the production time of ice. If the button is present, push the button to engage the setting. If no button is present, check the owner's manual.

Step 2

Locate the temperature controls for both the freezer and refrigerator if you do not have a setting to quickly produce ice.

Step 3

Lower the temperature of the freezer to increase the rate at which the ice freezes. Depending on the model of your refrigerator, it may be necessary to turn the temperature dial clockwise to lower the freezer temperature, or press the "Freezer" button on the ice and water dispenser repeatedly to lower the temperature.

Step 4

Lower the temperature of the fresh food cavity to help decrease the temperature of the freezer. Lower the temperature in the same manner as the freezer temperature was lowered.

Step 5

Return the freezer and fresh food cavity temperatures back to normal after the ice has been made.