Mice are one of the most common house pest problems in the United States and in many other areas around the world. Not only can mice chew through household belongings and get into accessible food storage, mice also leave droppings all over your home which potentially carry diseases like the hantavirus, which can be passed on to humans. Although mice are both quick and excellent hiders, there are several tips that can be used to help you rid your home of these pests.

Traps can be used to catch mice.


When putting out baits, use a wide variety of options to ensure you get your mouse. Some mice are attracted to baits like cheese, while another might respond more to peanut butter or a chemical bait from your local convenience store. If you don't catch anything after a week, try changing up the bait to something else and try again. Always make sure to keep the bait fresh as well, as a dry chunk of cheese does not put out the same odor and temptation as a fresh chunk.

Trap Placement

Where you place the trap plays an important role in how successful you are at catching a mouse. Mice like to run close to walls and under items like your fridge, furnace or oven. Keep traps along the sides of your walls or near places where food is common like your fridge or oven. Keep the trap in one place for a week, and if you have no success, move the traps to another location.


If you see a mouse but are having a hard time catching it, try tracking the movement of the rodent to learn where to place the trap. Sprinkle a light coat of flour next to a couple different walls in your home before you go to bed at night. You will see small foot prints in areas of regular travel by the mouse. Place the trap near the tracks but not directly on the trail with the opening facing the track if using a no-view trap. You can also track where to place traps by where you find mouse droppings.

Options for Traps

If your trap's not working, consider changing up the type of trap you are using. Options range from traditional snap trap and sticky pads to no-view traps and poison. Only use poison if you do not have children or pets around the home, as rat poison can be deadly if consumed by children or animals. If you are looking for a more humane way to get rid of your mice, consider purchasing a "no-kill" trap which allows you to catch the mice and release them back outside. Keep in mind that if you plan to release the mice, you need to take adequate steps to seal the outside of your home so that they cannot get back inside.