Paint strippers are used to remove layers of paint from various surfaces, typically different types of wood surfaces. Once you have applied the paint stripper, you need to remove it and hopefully, the layers of paint underneath the paint stripper will come off the surface, as well. While you should always follow the instructions on the paint stripper, there is a process that can generally be used to remove all paint strippers.

A paint stripper helps restore your natural wood.

Step 1

Leave the paint stripper on the surface for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Check the label for specific time frames.

Step 2

Use a chemical-resistant scraper to start to remove the paint stripper and the layers of paint beneath it. If the paint does not come off readily, leave the paint stripper on a few more minutes.

Step 3

Remove the paint stripper in circular motions with the scraper. The circular motion is more effective at removing more layers of paint.

Step 4

Continue scraping until all of the paint stripper has been removed from the surface.

Step 5

Clean paint stripper and paint residue from the surface using a cloth and mineral spirits.