How to Keep Chipmunks & Rabbits Away From My Tomato & Flower Plants

Chipmunks and rabbits might be cute, fluffy little critters, but when they decide to invade your garden they can also be the most devilish, persistent pests you can imagine. They can go over, under, around or through most kinds of barriers, and commercial repellents rarely keep these guys away. Despite their persistence, you can keep them out of your garden and away from your plants if you get a bit creative and put in a little extra effort.

Chipmunks are appealing, unless they begin to destroy your plants.


Step 1

Remove any debris or unwanted bushes from the planned fence line. Chipmunks will use these as a means of getting over the fence, so clear everything back at least a foot so that they can't jump or climb in.

Step 2

Dig a narrow trench, at least 6 inches deep, completely around the area to be protected. Rabbits and chipmunks will try to dig under, but usually won't go under a fence buried at least 6 inches deep.

Step 3

Hammer posts into place along the trench. Line up the posts so that the fence, when attached, will fit down into the trench. Space posts about 6 feet apart.

Step 4

Attach the fence to the fence posts with clips, placing the fence down into the trench as you go. Make sure the fence line is tight and that the attachments are snug, so no animals can squeeze through. Also be sure the fence goes completely around the area and back to where it started, and is securely fastened.

Step 5

Fill the trench back in, packing down the soil to discourage digging. The fence is now complete, and should work to keep both rabbits and chipmunks away from your tomato and flower plants.


Step 6

Mix a clove of garlic and a hot pepper with 1 pint of water in a blender. Run it through a strainer to remove any solids.

Step 7

Pour the liquid into the spray bottle. Add a drop each of dish washing detergent and vegetable oil to the mix and shake well.

Step 8

Spray the mixture on all plants to be protected. Get all areas where the rabbits and chipmunks can reach.

Step 9

Repeat the treatment often. Rain and sprinklers can wash off this repellent or reduce its effectiveness.

Step 10

Sprinkle garlic or baby powder on and around plants to further discourage these pests. Rabbits in particular will avoid anything with garlic or baby powder on it.