How to Dispose of Bricks

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Don't throw brick away without doing your research first.

While disposing of bricks may seem as simple as finding a trash can, it isn't quite that easy. Many cities have laws against sanitation workers picking up bricks and other building material. To dispose of bricks properly, you have to know the requirements of your city or county, as well as what disposal resources are available. Properly dispose of all bricks and other landscaping or building supplies to ensure that your permits and ability to do work aren't compromised.


Step 1

Assess whether your bricks are in good condition and reusable. If they are, you may be able to offer them as "free with pickup" on Craigslist or give them to a local materials exchange program.

Step 2

Contact the Department of Public Works for your city or county. Ask a representative if there are any local ordinances dealing with brick removal. Ask if there is a local materials exchange program, if your bricks are in good condition.

Step 3

Throw your bricks away in a dumpster or in a traditional trash bag if there are no local rules governing brick disposal and garbage pickup.

Step 4

Bring the bricks to an exchange program or, failing that, a local landfill or dump. Call ahead to get the proper hours and fees before you drive over with your bricks.



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