Hoover Quick-N-Lite Instructions

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The Hoover SteamVac Quick-N-Lite cleans soiled carpets.

The Hoover SteamVac Quick-N-Lite is an upright carpet cleaner that removes dirt and debris from carpet and rug fibers. This Hoover SteamVac is midway between a heavy-duty deep cleaner and a portable carpet cleaner. It features a large, 1-gallon tank that requires fewer refills, a 20-foot power cord to clean large carpets and rugs and a wide 10 3/4-inch cleaning path with five rows of scrubbing brushes. Weighing in at less than 12 lbs., the Hoover Quick-N-Lite is easy to maneuver and relatively simple to operate.


Step 1

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before using the Quick-N-Lite. Remove furniture in the room so that you can reach all areas of the carpet.

Step 2

Grasp the handle on the clean water solution tank on the front of the Hoover and press the latch in. Pull the tank forward and remove it from the unit.

Step 3

Turn the clean water solution tank over and unscrew the tank cap. Fill the 2 oz. cap with Hoover brand cleaning formula and pour the formula into the tank, repeat this for a total of 4 oz. Fill the tank with 1 gallon of hot, clean tap water. Replace the cap and tighten it.


Step 4

Set the bottom of the tank into the main unit and rotate the top of the tank into the correct position; the lever will snap into place.

Step 5

Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. Using your foot, press down on the handle release pedal to lower the handle into the cleaning position. Push the power switch to "On."

Step 6

Squeeze the trigger on the handle to spray the Hoover cleaning solution onto the carpet. Slowly push the SteamVac over the dampened area, then pull it slowly back over the same path to remove the dirty water from the carpet fibers. Repeat this over the entire carpet in the same forward and backward motion. Make sure to create overlapping strokes to ensure a thorough cleaning.


Step 7

Turn off the Quick-N-Lite when you are finished cleaning and unplug the power cord. Grab the handle on the top of the dirty water tank and press the latch in to release it. Pull the tank forward and remove it from the unit. Remove the lid from the dirty water tank. Firmly grasp the handle with one hand and the nozzle with the other. Empty the tank into a sink or drain and replace the tank lid. Rinse the tank and filter thoroughly with hot water. Allow the tank to completely dry before returning it to the unit.

Step 8

Return the dirty water tank back to the unit. Lift the front of the SteamVac up from the carpet. Hold the dirty water tank handle and place the front part of the tank into the base of the unit. Locate the three tabs on the bottom of the dirty water tank and align these tabs so that they latch into the underside of the cleaner's base. Hook the nozzle into the base, making sure that it is even with the base of the unit. Push the rear of the tank into the base of the unit and press down firmly until it locks into place. Store the Hoover SteamVac Quick-N-Lite in a clean, dry area.


Do not over-saturate the carpet with cleaning solution.

Heavily soiled areas will require additional applications.

Allow the carpet to completely dry after cleaning; do not walk on the carpet while it is still damp. If you need to walk on the damp carpet, make sure to put white towels on the area of the carpet that you will be walking on.



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