How to Clean Split Leather

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Things You'll Need

  • Lint-free cloths

  • Leather cleaner and conditioner

  • Suede cleaner

  • Suede brush

Leather is made from the hides of animals such as cows and deer.

Created with the lower layers of hide, split leather is cheaper and more fragile than other types of leather. Generally used to create bi-cast leather or suede, split leather can have the look of full-grain leather or suede. Even though split leather is a less expensive option, you can still damage it with improper cleaning.

Step 1

Dampen a lint-free cloth with cool water and wipe the split leather clean. Start from the top of the leather and wipe -- do not rub -- while moving downward. Refrain from saturating it; then let everything air-dry. Buff it with a lint-free cloth dampened with leather cleaner and conditioner.

Step 2

Clean split leather that resembles suede with an approved suede cleaner and brush. Dampen a clean cloth with the suede cleaner and blot the stains. Brush the cleaner into the split leather with the suede brush. Brush with the nap, and repeat the process, until you have removed the spots and stains.

Step 3

Keep all split leather away from direct heat and direct sunlight. Do not dry clean leather or use all-purpose cleaners. Store all types of leather in a cool, dry location that has low humidity.


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