How to Clean Soot Off a Gas Fireplace's Logs

Gas logs can be added to any fireplace that burns wood. The logs burn cleaner than wood, eliminating the need to shovel ash from the fireplace between uses. The combustion process leaves a black soot build-up on the high temperature resistant ceramic gas fireplace logs. Manufacturers recommend you periodically clean your vented gas log set to keep the logs looking clean and natural. If your vent-free log set has soot deposits, contact your manufacturer to confirm the vent-free logs are working properly.

Keep your gas logs looking clean and natural.

Step 1

Turn off the gas to the log set and allow it to cool. Note the placement of the logs in the fireplace before you remove them.

Step 2

Grab the ends of each log while wearing gloves to protect your skin. Gently lift the logs from the fireplace and transfer them onto old newspapers spread on the floor.

Step 3

Brush the soot from the fireplace logs with a soft nylon brush or use a vacuum with a brush attachment.

Step 4

Vacuum the gas burners and any other loose dirt and debris from the gas burners. Replace the gas logs in the fireplace.