Marquis Mills Converse started a rubber company in 1908 that would one day make Converse shoes. In 1918, Chuck Taylor joined the company and helped create the Chuck Taylor All Star style of basketball shoes that most people associate with the Converse brand name. These shoes are made of stitched canvas with a rubber sole and toecap. Though Converse produces dozens of styles today, the Chuck Taylor All Star remains a top-seller for the company.

Wash your converse in the washing machine.

Wash the Laces

Step 1

Remove the laces from your Converse.

Step 2

Wash the laces gently in the sink by hand, using liquid hand soap. Rinse them carefully.

Step 3

Towel dry the laces, then hang them up, until completely dry.

Wash the Shoes

Step 1

Take the shoes outside and remove excess dirt by banging the shoes on the pavement.

Step 2

Wash the shoes in the washing machine. Add a couple of towels to the load to balance it out.

Step 3

Remove the Converse from the washer after the cycle is complete and shape them, so that they dry with no wrinkles.

Step 4

Place them out of the way to dry: If it is a nice day outside, they may dry more quickly in fresh air.

Step 5

Use a baby wipe to clean the white soles and toecap. You should be able to remove most smudges with little effort.

Step 6

Re-lace your Converse sneakers, once they are clean and dry.