How to Rearm a Clifford Alarm System

Clifford is an alarm manufacturer that provides aftermarket security options for automobiles. The company makes a range of alarms with varying levels of security and features. Clifford car alarms come with a special key fob that attaches to your car keys for you to arm and disarm the system. Rearming your Clifford car alarm after the battery has been disconnected or the alarm switched off restores the alarm to normal working service.

Clifford alarm systems are controlled by a special key fob.

Step 1

Remove your foot from the brake pedal and make sure the car is in park. Start the engine. The car alarm enters "Valet Mode" automatically after the power has been disconnected.

Step 2

Switch off the car and exit the vehicle as normal. Valet Mode is canceled once the car is switched off.

Step 3

Make sure everyone has exited the vehicle and all the doors and windows are closed. Locate the "Lock" button your Clifford key fob (usually marked with a closed padlock icon).

Step 4

Press the "Lock" button while you are close to the vehicle. The horn briefly sounds and the vehicle's parking lights flash when the system is armed, if configured. A status LED on the alarm inside the vehicle will flash once per second.

Step 5

Press the "Unlock" (marked with an open padlock icon) when you return to the vehicle. The horn sounds twice and the parking lights will flash twice when the system is disarmed, if configured. In some cases the status LED will go out.