How to Get Lint off Towels

You purchase brand new soft towels and are excited to use them after your next shower or bath. You bring the them home and launder them, and as you take the towels out of your dryer, you see them--little fuzz balls. Over time, the fuzz balls, or lint, can only get worse, turning your once soft towels into rough ones. To help get the lint off your towels, incorporate several lint-removing techniques. Next time, though, purchase towels that are labeled as "combed cotton," according to Heloise of "Good Housekeeping" magazine, so you don't have to deal with fuzzy, linty towels again.

Enjoy your lint-free, fuzz-free towels.

Step 1

Clean the lint filter in your dryer between every load of laundry. If it is clogged, it can't trap the lint, leaving it in the dryer, more likely to stick to your towels.

Step 2

Place a large piece of nylon netting, which is available where fabric is sold, in the dryer with your towels. The nylon netting will attract and catch some of the lint as the towels dry in the dryer.

Step 3

Roll a lint brush or tape roller along your towels after drying to pick up any lingering lint. You can also wrap tape around your hand with the sticking side facing out. Blot the towels with the tape to get the lint off.

Step 4

Run a lint shaver across your towels, which is similar looking to an electric razor. It will remove the lint balls from your towels.

Step 5

Rub a pumice stone or the hooked side of Velcro to remove lint from your towels.