Cottontail rabbits live throughout the U.S. and are found in suburban neighborhoods as well as rural areas. Although they only live 12 to 15 months, a bunny can have as many as six litters during a lifespan. Their high reproduction rate makes them a nuisance in areas with limited natural predators, such as coyotes, owls and hawks. Homeowners most often complain about the damage rabbits do to gardens and landscapes, but a bunny may occasionally enter a garage, especially during inclement weather.

Cottontail rabbits usually live in old burrows or piles of brush.

Step 1

Clean the garage to limit hiding places. Sweep the floor and remove any food sources, such as birdseed. Place boxes or bags on shelves away from the floor so rabbits can't burrow in them. The bunny is looking for a warm, soft place to hide. Removing potential habitats may be enough to encourage it to leave.

Step 2

Leave the garage door open for an afternoon. The bunny may leave the garage on its own, especially if the weather is mild. If you own a dog, let it sniff around in the garage, which may frighten the bunny enough for it to leave.

Step 3

Set a live trap in the garage. Live traps are metal cages that trap the bunny without harming it. Place a few apple slices or lettuce leaves in the trap to entice the rabbit. Check the trap every day and move it to a new location if you haven't trapped the rabbit within a few days. Release the trapped rabbit at least 200 feet away from the garage.